PRP Facelift

PRP Natural Facelift

Secrets Behind the PRP Natural FaceLift

A strange phenomenon has many skin-conscious women talking. In the quest for new solutions to improve skin texture and appearance, cosmetic treatment providers have turned to platelet-rich plasma or PRP, harvested from the patient’s own blood. This products is prepared and introduced into the skin for an exhilarating PRP Natural Facelift.

Harvesting the Platelet Rich Plasma

The process of harvesting PRP has been in use for a while in the U.S. The platelet rich fibrin matrix method is marketed under various names, including Selphyl, Emcyte, Pure Spin and Regen. Essentially, the PRP Natural FaceLift is a nonsurgical cosmetic procedure, involving a multi-step process where facial skin is cleansed, exfoliated and toned, using skin products intended to prepare and pamper the skin. The next step may involve micro-needling to stimulate the skin to encourage increased production of collagen and elastin. Using a Dermapen or similar device, PRP, harvested from the patient’s own blood, is introduced into facial skin as a dermal filler to plump out the areas underlying wrinkles and lines. Depending on the condition of your skin and to enhance the PRP Natural FaceLift effect, this procedure may be combined with other dermal procedures such as the use of other dermal fillers or laser treatments.

Preparing the PRP for a PRP Natural FaceLift

To generate the injectable plasma rich product, about 10-30ml of your own blood is drawn. This is a relatively painless process that most patients have already experienced during annual physical examinations. The blood drawn is spun using a centrifuge, and the platelets are harvested and prepared with a proprietary blend of growth-stimulating factors. This product is carefully injected or applied into strategic areas of facial tissues using tiny needles to drive it deeper into the dermal layers for better absorption.

The micro-needling process is relatively painless, but aestheticians may apply a numbing cream to minimize any discomfort. Right after the procedure, the patient’s skin is pampered some more with a cooling mask followed with another moisturizing treatment. The entire process for a PRP Natural FaceLift takes from one to two hours.

Benefits of Using PRP Injectables

One of the primary objectives of the PRP Natural Facelift is to make sure that the tissue-enhancement process results in natural-looking re-contouring and skin surface improvement. Your treatment provider studies the natural contours of your face prior to the procedure. Strategic target sites for delivery of the PRP product derived from your own blood are identified and marked accordingly.

In the aftermath of the pampering and introduction of injectables, your face may feel warm to the touch and slightly reddish from the stimulation, but the glow will be immediately evident. There is no post-procedure downtime as you can go back to your normal schedule immediately after with a few precautions. The effects of the PRP Natural FaceLift may last up to a year.

This nonsurgical PRP face lift is relatively noninvasive with few to no adverse side effects. Even the blood-tinged skin some celebrity patients post of themselves after a PRP Natural FaceLift is known to be dramatized for effect. You emerge from the procedure with clean, smooth and dewy looking skin.